How to make resource extraction resonate with the next generation of talent.

2022 has been a lesson in how quickly the  global economic outlook can change — and how quickly priorities can be turned on their heads.

The conversation around the resource extraction sector is a prime example of that flipped narrative. Just a year ago, mining and drilling were under perpetual gray skies, still the dirty secret powering progress and modernization. Fast forward a year and the story has evolved into one powered by moonshot ambitions — to achieve new heights of global security and freedom from unsavory resource dependencies.

The sector now stands in the enviable position of being able to recast itself for the next age, to shift gears from value protection to value creation. If we can capitalize on this good will and renewed enthusiasm, mining might redefine its place in the global, social and economic spheres, not as a legacy industry needing to be reined in, but as one of enduring pioneer spirit — rising to the challenges of the new world.

In doing so, we’ll also be winning over the next generation of resource sector talent and executive leaders.

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