Authority to Represent


This policy may refer to one or more of our businesses (thereafter “We”, “Organisation”):

  • Interchange Bench – The Interchange Bench provides temporary, contractor, and contingent workforce services including payrolling services
  • Slade Group – Slade Group recruits permanent roles through to executive appointments and technical specialist roles across a broad range of industries and sectors; services include HR consulting and assessments
  • Synchro Partners – Synchro Partners by Slade Group are technology recruitment specialists, providing contract and permanent placements
  • TRANSEARCH International Australia – TRANSEARCH specialises in executive search and senior level recruitment for C-Level Executives and Non-Executive Directors, leadership consulting, board services and management assessment
  1. You, the candidate, acknowledge that our organisation will collect information (including personal and sensitive information) about me for the primary purpose of employment, including consideration of my employment application in the recruitment process. If you are not prepared to provide this information, we may be limited in our ability to assist you with employment.
  2. The candidate agrees that the email address supplied on their application will be their primary point of contact for all electronic communication unless they advise otherwise.
  3. The candidate consents to our organisation disclosing their personal information (with their acknowledgement) by sending their resume to clients for prospective employment opportunities.
  4. The candidate consents to both the organisation and its clients (i.e. potential employers) checking any references with their acknowledgement in relation to their employment application. All references are strictly confidential and only available to those directly involved in the selection process.
  5. The candidate consents to our organisation verifying their qualifications with all relevant educational institutions.
  6. The candidate consents to undertaking a health assessment relevant to their employment application if required.
  7. The candidate confirms that they are entitled to work in Australia and consent to provide our organisation with legal documentation; for example proof of entitlement to work in Australia.
  8. The Candidate consents to undertaking a security check relevant to their employment application with relevant law enforcement agencies if required.
  9. The candidate consents to all of the information described above being maintained in organisation’s records for employment purposes (including possible future positions) and that the email address they provide will be used for all correspondence from the organisation.
  10. The candidate consents to all of the information described above, including the results of any testing, including competency or psychometric assessments, being disclosed to the organisation’s clients (i.e. potential employers) for consideration in the recruitment process.
  11. The candidate agrees, prior to commencing a temporary or contract role, to read the Fair Work Information Statement located on our website under Candidate Services/Temps and Contractor.
  12. The candidate warrants that they have disclosed all relevant information and documentation to the organisation and that the information they have provided to the organisation is totally correct in all respects. The candidate understands that should the information be incorrect or pertinent information withheld, the candidate will be liable to have their application dismissed or, if subsequently employed, to be dismissed from employment.

The personal information we collect about the candidate can be accessed by contacting our Privacy Officer on 03 9235 5100.

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