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If you’re interested in joining TRANSEARCH Australia, please contact Bill Sakellaris or Geoff Slade, or provide your details directly to them here.

    For me – ‘Why do you stay?’

    An environment which is based on a culture of trust – I feel that I am completed trusted by my manager and the ELT to manage my workload to achieve what I need to achieve. Egalitarian environment regardless of what role you play within the organisation. Everyone is equal – professional environment – high integrity, supportive, high care others. Promotes employee wellbeing, productivity and growth.

    Silvana Pardo

    Director, TRANSEARCH International Australia

    A few comments from my perspective on ‘Why do you stay?’

    • Professional and pragmatic work environment, where your expertise and opinions are respected and promoted
    • There is an overwhelming sense across the broader Slade Group that we don’t just follow best practice, we look to set best practice, with whatever tools or IP required to do this provided or considered
    • Everyone has a voice and is encouraged to use it
    • This leads to an authentic and pragmatic culture that promotes confidence and strives for excellence, but does not tolerate arrogance or narcissism
    Cameron Heaney

    Director, TRANSEARCH International Australia

    Why do you stay?

    This is my view to how I would tell the story to attract people keeping in mind I’m not a good story teller!

    At the moment our current team has a sense of stability… there is a maturity amongst us that comes with the outmost respect for each other… especially with my manager and other managers within the organisation. At times we may all have heavy workloads, but we support each other and contribute to get things done… this gives me a huge sense of belonging and satisfaction. I feel within our team we are genuine and empathetic towards each other. We all have bad days and good days: on bad days we shouldn’t forget to give that person some reassurance and support if needed, and on good days we should compliment each other in a professional manner. We should celebrate success! Recognition and trust goes a long way for me… having some fun and laughs… keeping morale up and possibly achieving an incentive ie. pay increase/bonus/day in lieu, etc. In my opinion, as long as the bottom-line is growing we all should be recognised for it; working as a collaborative team. I realise I’m not a biller, however at the end of the day I love and value the whole of the organisation to succeed. I love producing good work and representing the brand through my work. More recently the flexibility of working hybrid arrangement is just unbelievable (work life balance) as long as at the end of the day work has been completed within the timeframe and both employee and manager are happy and clientcandidate expectations have been met. In other words, I’m in a good place working with a team of wonderful people and this is what makes me stay!

    Rosie Vella

    Executive Assistant, TRANSEARCH International Australia