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TRANSEARCH International Australia curates a variety of events that we deliver throughout the year, serving as platforms to engage our client networks in key themes affecting the workplace and our areas of expertise, including organisational culture, DE&I, Future of Work, leadership, talent attraction and retention, as well as succession planning.

Harnessing the knowledge of our in-house subject matter experts, or prominent industry leaders, we craft spaces for thought leadership and conversations that actively shape decisions in organisations and industry. Our expansive global network also allows us to welcome international guest speakers, ensuring each event delivers a broader perspective and value to our clients.

Here is feedback from some of our valued event attendees, sharing their insights on the benefits gained from participating in our events

“I was lucky to be a guest during John O. Burdett’s recent visit through Australia in Melbourne, hosted by Transearch. Across three sessions covering Succession, Attraction & Retention, and Culture, I got to see John’s storytelling skills up close. He crystallises these complex topics into simple and elegant insights that are at the heart of the opportunities and challenges in these spaces.

I took away some memorable core principles that have helped me reflect on my prior leadership experience and will be in my mind for the future. Thanks to the Transearch team for sharing John’s experience through these engaging events.”

Melinda rich, 2023

“Led by the eminent global thought leader, John O. Burdett, the TRANSEARCH workshops on leadership, succession, attraction, and retention, with a focus on organisational culture, were an enlightening and comprehensive experience. As a renowned international author and influential speaker in organisational culture, leadership, and talent management, Burdett’s expertise profoundly enriched the workshop’s content and delivery.

TRANSEARCH’s exceptional organisation, from the invitations to the timely event reminders, ensured a seamless and engaging experience for all participants. Moreover, the team members at TRANSEARCH were incredibly professional and accommodating, contributing significantly to the overall positive atmosphere. The collaboration between Burdett’s expertise and TRANSEARCH’s adept coordination resulted in an unforgettable and highly informative workshop, offering invaluable insights into driving organisational success through strategic leadership and cultural enhancement.”



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