Luncheon hosted by Cameron Heaney – Director, TRANSEARCH International Australia, and guest speakers, Anita Arbogast – Executive Director, Centre for Business Analytics, Melbourne Business School; Joey Chua – Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics, Transurban and Slade Sherman – Director, Strativity ANZ.

29 June 2023 | The Cluster, Abell Boardroom, Level 20, 31 Queen Street.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the world as we know it, influencing both personal and business aspects of our lives. Organisations that fail to embrace this transformative technology risk falling victim to a ‘Kodak moment,’ where they are left behind in an ever-evolving landscape.

Recently, TRANSEARCH Australia hosted an insightful AI event, with an expert panel directing a discussion amongst a room of C Suite Executive Leaders. From a leadership perspective, the event shed light on the evolving opportunities AI presents and the positive impact it can have on the way we do business. Below are the key takeaways from the event, which emphasise the responsible and strategic integration of AI to enhance talent and organisational culture.

“AI takes the robot out of the human, allowing the human to do what they do best.”

— Cameron Heaney, attributed to author Kai-Fu Lee

Embracing AI for Success
AI is a transformative force that touches all aspects of business and personal life. Organisations must embrace AI to avoid falling behind in a rapidly changing landscape and secure a competitive edge.

Talent and Culture as Crucial Enablers
AI’s effective integration relies on talent and organisational culture. It’s no longer solely a tech team’s responsibility; every individual should understand its relevance and impact.

Leadership’s AI Literacy
Leaders need not be AI experts, but they should grasp AI’s capabilities and educate their teams on responsible AI use, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Aligning AI with Values
When setting AI guidelines, keeping the organisation’s purpose and values in mind fosters enthusiasm and commitment among teams.

Enhanced AI Security
Implementing extra security measures, similar to secure cloud storage, safeguards sensitive data and ensures data privacy.

Identifying AI Opportunities
Maximising AI’s benefits involves identifying specific areas for implementation and regularly measuring its effectiveness.

Maintaining Integrity in AI Outputs
Human oversight is crucial to avoid errors and ensure high-quality AI-generated content.

Considering Stakeholders’ Impact
Transparent and accountable AI implementation builds trust and confidence among employees, shareholders, and customers.

Getting Started with AI
Creating a ‘lighthouse project,’ forming cross-functional teams, and prioritising AI objectives kickstart successful AI deployment.

AI as a valuable Co-Pilot
AI should be viewed as a co-pilot, complementing human expertise through personalised, aligned outputs.

“Think of AI as ‘Automated Instructions’ – this is where the technology is right now; it’s not sentient”.

— Anita Arbogast, attributed to Cassie Kozyrkov at a TRANSEARCH Australia event, June 2023

Embracing AI is no longer an option; it is a necessity for organisations seeking to thrive in the modern world. By understanding the transformative potential of AI, fostering a culture of responsible use, and aligning it with organisational values, businesses can harness its power to drive success. With careful planning, human oversight, and a commitment to integrity, AI can become a powerful ally in achieving business objectives and delivering exceptional experiences to customers and stakeholders alike.

Left to right: TRANSEARCH Australia Managing Director, Bill Sakellaris; Strativity ANZ Director, Slade Sherman (panel speaker); Transurban Senior Manager – Advanced Analytics, Joey Chua (panel speaker); Melbourne Business School – Centre for Business Analytics Executive Director, Anita Arbogast (panel speaker); and TRANSEARCH Australia Director, Cameron Heaney

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