So what can you do to advance DEI in your organization? The following are three proven strategies.

1. Attract and Keep Diverse Talent

There is a mountain of research that shows the extreme lack of diverse talent in leadership positions. Here are a few concerning stats. Only 8% of American CEOs are women. In the Fortune 500, there are less than a handful of black CEOs.

Changing these facts will require astute DEI recruitment and retention practices.

An essential early step is eliminating any bias in job descriptions. If your internal recruitment team doesn’t have the time or capacity to do this kind of work, enlist an external search firm. At TRANSEARCH, we offer talent scouting solutions that enable us to build a more diverse slate of candidates. For instance, if a business aimed to hire a woman of color for an executive position in the financial services industry, we have the resources to scout possible candidates from a global talent pool.

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