It is the middle of 2020 and the World Health Organization reports over 33 million people have been infected with COVID-19, with the loss of life approaching 1,000,000 people. The worldwide graphic models of infections, employment rates, market trends and economic output look like a series of Rorschach tests and given COVID-19’s impact on our physical, economic, geopolitical and psychological health, the metaphor may be apt.

Global consulting firm McKinsey has fashioned terms to deal with the ever-evolving status of organizational life during the COVID pandemic; terms like reimagine, reinvent and most recently, reset. Implied throughout this guidance is that economies, organizations, leaders and ordinary people are in uncharted territory. Organizations have adapted to survive; they have changed. And going forward they will need to rely on lessons learned, and perhaps a changed profile in leadership to move successfully into whatever comes next…

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