How executives are leveraging a company’s greatest human resources asset

HR is having its moment. From compliance and administration to strategy and transformation, the role of the Chief Human Resource Officer continues to expand in scope and rise in profile and impact, and CHROs themselves continue to adapt.

What is a CHRO today?

They are as different as the companies they help to lead. Some CHROs work with startups and innovative entities that attach a strategic business orientation to the human resources function from the outset. Others work in sectors that look at human resources through a more traditional, personnel management and administration lens. All are adapting to the changing landscape of business and the new drivers of human engagement and performance.

The changing role of the Chief Human Resources Officer

While Human Resource departments typically have responsibility for the employee life cycle, benefits administration, payroll management, and compliance with company policies and labor laws, the pace and nature of change over the last decade has transformed the function and purpose of HR. Several features are different:

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