By Karina Garcia

Deciding on who leads a company is crucial to an organization’s success. The emphasis on proficiency, confidence, experience, and compatibility appears significant when searching for an addition to the boardroom. As qualified as you may be unless there is a match between the candidate and the board in bringing value to the company you would not see any progress in the hiring phase.

It is critical when you are planning for your board career to truly understand where you add value and compare it to other board candidates available in the market. Understand the principles of good business practices and acquire a certain level of organizational competency.

How to Choose the Right Board?

Before jumping in on the first opportunity you see, limit your options to find the right opportunity for you. Ask yourself, what industries or companies would benefit most from your personal strengths and skills? Also, consider what type of company appeals to you, is it a non-profit, in a private sector, or publicly traded?

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