The ‘great resignation’ of lower and mid-level workers leaving their jobs at unprecedented rates is a startling event for employers worldwide. C-suites and the VP ranks are not immune from the trend—executives are reevaluating what they want to do going forward and a not insignificant number are considering a career change. AESC discussed possible drivers and outcomes for today’s executives considering a career change with executive coach Simeon Wong, who leads executive career services for AESC’s BlueSteps.

AESC: Is the ‘great resignation’ affecting employees at the highest levels? What trends do you see among your clients?

SIMEON WONG: Out of more than 500 conversations with executive coaching clients, I’d estimate that about 30-40% are looking for a career change or more precisely, a ‘career reset.’ These are established leaders at the VP executive-level or above who want to do something new, something different.

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