During the COVID-19 pandemic employers took on massive new responsibilities. Workplaces had to adapt. Retail stores went digital; dining shifted to outdoor or delivery; as theaters and concert halls went dark, some performances went outside or online. Offices emptied and supply chains were disrupted. Many employers struggled to keep their people employed, safe and informed. Leaders became as responsible for the front line as they are for the bottom line. For those organizations and leaders who stepped up it was a seminal moment that would change the unwritten understanding between employees and their employer.

When people weren’t sure where to turn, [Global public relations firm] Edelman’s research found that “communications from my employer” became the most trusted source of information. “When people didn’t know where to go for trusted information on either the virus or the vaccine or a host of other issues, the one place they really trusted was information and communication from their employer.” Employees’ expectations of employers have changed.

This is an extract from “Workplace Trust Leads to Employee Recruitment and Retention in the Age of COVID-19”. Read the full article on the AESC website.

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