John O. Burdett’s article, ‘Collaborate or Die!’, underscores the profound importance of collaboration in today’s rapidly changing landscape. He emphasises that while the term ‘transformation’ is often used, it essentially describes periods of discontinuous change. Drawing parallels with historical shifts like the advent of steam power and the oil-based economy, John highlights today’s catalysts: environmental concerns, diversity, AI, hybrid employment, and more.

John argues that collaboration is deeply ingrained in human nature, emphasising that our ancestors’ survival hinged on it. He identifies seven core aspects that leaders must focus on to foster collaboration effectively. These include leadership, a sense of belonging, trust, involvement, cultivating a culture of ‘StrAgility’ (Strong and Agile), providing a voice to all, and rethinking performance management.

In conclusion, John asserts that collaboration is the linchpin for achieving success amidst complexity, driving innovation, and thriving in an ever-changing world.

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