Taking our lead from women and what it means that we’re talking about this in April

As Women’s History Month takes a bow, it may be tempting to commemorate a month celebrating the achievements of women, and the progress society has made by embracing those achievements, with a round of high fives and knowing nods.

Good work. Well done. See you next year.

No doubt progress has been made. What began as International Women’s Day in 1909 — at a meeting of socialists and suffragettes in Manhattan — was being celebrated by more than 17 countries just two years later. And though the United States didn’t come around to the notion until the United Nations began sponsoring it in 1975, the event was quickly expanded to a week in 1977 as Women’s History Week. A decade later, Congress expanded it again — as Women’s History Month.

Now every March, people set aside a not-insignificant chunk of the year to extol the achievements of great women and celebrate the ever-increasing openness of our societies.

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