What level of autonomy is allowed within your organisation?

The answer to the critical question “What level of autonomy is allowed within your organisation?” can help global leaders plan for business growth, or a lack thereof, in whatever region of the world they operate, and in any market.

That is because the answer to the question will shed light on whether an enterprise has created the right conditions to spark innovation, or if its culture is so rigid as to put predictability, reliability, process and structure ahead of everything else.

Sure, every business leader wants to be innovative, but unless they allow some of its most skilled people the cultural authority and autonomy to explore, take risks and stare potential missteps in the face, they may never realise or monetise big ideas.

Taking the first step

Whether your team succeeds or is forced back to the drawing board, it must learn from the exercise and apply those lessons – painful as they may be to recall – to get to the next level of insight and innovation. In fact, some would attest that the fall must come before the breakthrough.

Often, the kind of focus required to fan the flames of business innovation is borne of the determination to learn and to question what’s possible. The catalyst of innovation, experts agree, is human energy and creativity that’s allowed to germinate and multiply inside the walls of an enterprise that recognises innovation is a journey, not a preordained destination.

Only true innovators with an appetite for growth and a stomach for risk can take that first, risky step into the unknown.

Yet with so many global business challenges evolving all around us, can you really afford not to take that step?


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