How leaders can shape the workplace of the future through culture

The Covid-19 pandemic. The rise of AI. Mother Nature’s climate rebellion. These are some of the events that have been shaping culture around the world in recent years. The human responses to them have transformed communities around the world. Change, as they say, is the only constant.

It is no different in the workplace. The human response to world, regional or even local events is also reflected in work culture, which Katherine Risley, managing partner of KBRS, defines as the “environment created in which we all participate during our day-to-day jobs. It’s the feeling we have when we go to work, the way we think about our employer, the way we get to express ourselves at work, how connected we are to the job. Culture is tied to how an organization will tell its story and can often be a byproduct of how that story and those values are lived out.”

Understanding the cultural shifts happening now will help corporate leaders, candidates and talent and leadership consultants plan for and lead in the future — from how to attract top talent to improving employee retention and the bottom line.

Executive Talent spoke with top global consultants about the culture and the future of the workplace. They identified the following five areas of concern for corporate leaders.

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