Change the context and you change the game. And if it changes for one, it changes for everyone. Even if you are determined to think and act as you always have – tomorrow will be different.

Faced with the need for speed, agility and the ability to attract and retain talent, what will take up much of your time in the future is a conversation about the culture you have (roots) and the culture your business needs (wings). It might not be described that way. Indeed, the word “culture” might not even come up.

When you stand back, although often seen as standalone topics, what you will discuss will be mutually dependent pieces of the same cultural puzzle. The emerging economic, political and social context; the challenge of implementing new technology; moving innovation to higher ground; being more market responsive; concerns over succession; challenging the organization’s purpose; diversity and human dignity; hybrid employment;
etc. – all impact each other.

Welcome – not to a series of emerging, unconnected problems to solve – but to the opportunity to forge a
new beginning.

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