Economic challenges and lacking corporate resources are enough to frustrate even the best-laid business plans – and the best global leaders.

Yet that reality is nothing new to executives the world over who’ve faced difficult challenges – perhaps defining or redefining ones – during the course of the last few years as economic uncertainty and challenging environments have combined to reduce management confidence and investment.

It’s time to turn the page

To turn the page requires some level of individual renewal deep within each one of us. It calls us to look to the future for the seeds of opportunity and to purposefully and regularly cast out the doubt that has at times paralysed our decision-making process or clouded our view so much as to render any meaningful strategic planning useless.

Global leaders must seize on every single day to find not only their highest and most rewarding calling, but to manage the demands on their time and focus so they can elevate or maintain their own personal productivity at the highest levels possible.

The alchemy of reaching your business and career goals is the combination of that productivity with a healthy measure of optimism and positivity, no matter what the world might throw at us in the months to come.

Productivity and positivity matter

A positive attitude coupled with an enterprising or promising outlook can endear today’s global executive to their teams, colleagues and peers. To be the source of positive expressions about the things we can control might well serve others as much as ourselves. If difficulty is inevitable, it’s up to the leader to enlist the support of colleagues and friends and explain why it’s a test worth the best of every person around us. We can choose to shrink from it, or rise to it.

To do the latter, we must accept our circumstances and commit to improving them, through a combination of hard work, commitment, support for one another in the work environment, and a positive, uplifting attitude that inspires others.

If we can find new ways to be more productive and face new challenges with optimism and confidence, we may just find the pathway to achieving what’s next in our organisations and for our careers.


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