Organisational Culture

“In companies that sustain, the company doesn’t have a culture – it is its culture.”

– John O. Burdett, TRANSEARCH Global Advisor on Culture

Culture enables strategy. What endures, what provides the platform for growth, what shapes future performance, what enables different strategic scenarios to unfold, is culture. Our own research – and that of others – suggests that only 20% of organisations manage their culture. Power moves into a vacuum. If you are not managing your culture someone else is! Meanwhile, if you are not measuring culture … you are not managing it!

We measure culture using the TRANSEARCH Orxestra® Methodology.

Organisational Culture Expert, Dr John O. Burdett

John Burdett has extensive international experience as a senior executive. As a consultant he has worked in more than 40 countries. His extensive consulting around organization culture encompasses, literally, some of the world’s largest organizations. His coaching work, meanwhile, embraces a number of international CEOs.

John has a doctorate in management development and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He has taught on MBA and executive programs, at business schools, on both sides of the Atlantic; on more than one occasion receiving teaching excellence awards. He also was the recipient of “coach of the year” in Scandinavia.

He has published twelve best-selling books on leadership and organization culture. His Talent Trilogy was completed in 2016. The first in the series, Attract, Select, Develop & Retain TALENT, was published in 2013. The second book, TEAM: Align, Build, Connect and Develop, came out in early 2015. The Empty Suit, 2016. The A-Z of Organization Culturecame out in 2017. Tomorrow Will Be Different – Will You?was published in Spring 2019.

His books, articles and assessment tools are embraced by executives on five continents. His company, Orxestra Inc., enjoys a strategic partnership with TRANSEARCH International.

John has a number of books available for download. Go to any of the major, online bookstores. Access using author’s name: John O. Burdett.

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