Leadership Competencies 

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“Nothing is more important in the hiring process than ensuring fit.” 

Our unique Orxestra® Leadership Competency Assessment is based upon four fundamental areas required to achieve leadership balance. These span all industries and functional sectors. This balance consists of:

  1. Direction  (Vision and Strategy, Planning, Markets, Customers)
  2. Delivery  (Operationalising the Strategy, New Products, Quality, Resources)
  3. Development  (Engagement, Succession, Coaching)
  4. Day-to-Day Dialogue  (Culture, Team, Collaboration, Community)

When assessing leadership we draw on a library of 60 competencies to clearly define the eight most important leadership attributres required for the position. This enables a rigorous conversation with our clients, driving consensus on non-negotiable leadership competencies for the position. This de-risks the appointment by ensuring candidate fit.

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