Attraction and Retention

‘Why Do You Stay?’

“Uncover what your organisation excels in and needs to improve on for better retention.”

– Dr John O. Burdett, Founder of Orxestra

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Who should attend: Chief People Officers

Unlock your organisation’s potential with our proprietary ‘Why Do You Stay?©’ assessment – an innovative process created to enhance attraction and retention.

Drawing from the appreciative enquiry methodology, this unique, team-based activity provides insightful perspectives across your organisation – be it group(s) or individuals.

With our process, you gain clarity on the specific reasons your team chooses to stay with your organisation, courtesy of our extensive library of 50 research-based retention factors.

By recognising the exact reasons your team chooses to stay, ‘Why Do You Stay?©’ provides you with the means and knowledge to cultivate and reinforce these aspects, thus fostering a stronger, more devoted team. When fully deployed, this process provides comprehensive and insightful reporting and analysis to supercharge your employee value proposition (EVP), along with an evidence based platform for a comprehensive talent retention strategy.

Dr John O. Burdett’s presentations and workshops will provide a detailed insight into this ground breaking process, how it is deployed and most importantly, the powerful and strategic impact this can have across your organisation.

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