Competencies for the 21st Century

“Who you hire and promote today dictates what is possible tomorrow.”

– John O. Burdett, Founder of Orxestra

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Inspirational leadership is essential for success in today’s rapidly changing world and in these sessions, John will explore leadership attributes of the 21st century. Leaders need to be able to communicate where they are heading, and gain buy-in through the use of language, imagery and storytelling. Leaders must be able to display personal passion and not just bounce back after a setback, but learn from the experience and be better equipped for the future. Inspirational leaders bring resilience, speed of learning and agility to the workplace to ensure the organisation is able to thrive no matter what challenges they face. To inspire is to make tomorrow’s success come alive in the room today.

John utilises 60 different role-specific competencies to identify leaders who are right not only for the organisation but also for the market conditions. When the right leadership is in place organisations thrive, but if you have the wrong people in place, your organisation is likely to go backwards, lose market position and see your high-performing staff leave, causing you a world of pain.

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