When Pushing Your People to Excel Reaches its Limit

Posted on May 3, 2017 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: When Pushing Your People to Excel Reaches its Limit

You probably already know – or perhaps even fit – this management type.

You know, the hard-charging Chief Executive who demands a tremendous amount out of his or her people, and even more of themselves.

If you have worked with and possibly even reported to just such a global leader, you may have find yourself thankful for the experience, humbled by their commitment and personal sacrifice, and changed in some meaningful way because of what he or she taught you along the way.

For many of us, these behavioural and character traits define the kind of business leader we want to work with and, perhaps, to become after witnessing the success they built and the fun they allowed themselves to have along the way. Hard work has its rewards, and these global leaders – these examples of hard work actually paying off – represent a great motivation to realise our own career potential…

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