The Potential Cost of Leading By The Numbers

Posted on September 11, 2016 by TRANSEARCH International

Yes, we live and die by the number. Achieve it consistently and you’re a hero, miss it and the questions begin to mount. Remember though, it’s the inputs that drive the outputs, so check your activities, your key metrics that deliver the numbers as it is these that will deliver the outcomes we seek. Also, take time to build those critical relationships with your stakeholders, and think 360. Celebrate with your team and superiors when things are going well so they will be more understanding when the number is missed.

If you’re like most executive leaders, the career climb you have been on has most certainly forced you to engage with senior leaders who are focused almost exclusively on the numbers. Whether the spotlight is on sales growth, profitability, or perhaps total returns to shareholders, there is no doubting that most CEOs, for example, are driving hard toward achieving, if not exceeding, expectations for the financial health of the enterprise.

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