The Keys to Improving Workforce Productivity

Posted on April 28, 2017 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: The keys to improving workforce productivity

Here’s one way to kill workforce productivity: subject your most productive people to death by meetings. Other factors that could be impeding the success of your organisation are a misunderstanding of priorities at various levels, as well as negative attitudes among employees who haven’t been properly engaged to share the organisation’s vision and therefore, work towards achieving its goals.

There comes that time in a company’s fiscal year when the executive team looks at the top line and the bottom line and then looks to the people around the room for answers and solutions. If the results are better than expected, the excitement lends itself to a comfortable discussion about what more can be done to push great financial returns even higher. You have been here before. The confidence that comes with superior outcomes often lends itself to further investment, expressions of gratitude and also some laughs, too…

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