Making talent management work

Posted on November 2, 2017 by John O. Burdett
Article image: Making talent management work

TRANSEARCH Orxestra © author and organisational culture expert Dr John O. Burdett describes ten imperatives that are critical to achieving your talent management agenda, starting with the CEO who must be the organisation’s Chief Talent Officer.

“Talent management is a system, not a series of stand-alone processes.”

No organization can afford to put talent management on the backburner. The loss of experience as the baby-boom generation retires, the overall shortage of talented leaders, the absolute need to engage and retain high-potential employees at every level of the organization, and an environment which demands that organizations continually do more with less, all combine to make talent management a Board-level priority.

How do organizations get it right? What lessons have we learned over the years? In reviewing their own talent management agenda what questions should those at the organization’s helm be asking? What follows are ten talent management imperatives; ten issues that, left unaddressed, put at risk the entire talent management agenda.

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About John O. Burdett

John O. BurdettBoth as an international HR executive and as a consultant, John Burdett has worked on culture initiatives with some of the world’s largest organisations.
He holds a Doctorate in Management Development and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. John has authored ten books on leadership and organisation culture. His latest offering is the Talent Trilogy: TALENT (2014), TEAM (2015), and The Empty Suit (2016). John’s new book, the A–Z of Organization Culture comes out in early 2017. His books, articles and assessment tools are embraced by executives on five continents. His company, Orxestra Inc., enjoys a strategic partnership with TRANSEARCH International, a global, executive search firm.


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