Conquering Your Personal ‘To Do’ List

Posted on August 4, 2016 by TRANSEARCH International

Prioritising time for work, family, friends and ‘self’ has always been a challenge for busy people. Somewhere amongst this compartmentalisation of our precious time we need to allow space to tackle that list of things stored in the back of our mind we have promised ourselves to get to. Here are some tips on how to tackle your personal To Do list…..

If you’re like most busy global executives, you often find yourself wondering how your day raced by so quickly, or, contemplating how you just spent another whole week tackling key business objectives without making any progress on your own personal ‘To Do’ List. Now, whether you have written down your personal priorities and diligently scratched them off one by one is another issue.

The real question is whether you’ve found the time to tackle that subliminal list of things stored near the back of your mind that you’ve told yourself you are committed to achieving but which have simply – and consistently – slipped from your grasp.

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