The Case for the Global Compliance Function

Posted on March 24, 2021 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Global compliance

There comes a time in the history of every global company when its executive leaders wish they had seen something coming.

It might have been a warning about potential trouble ahead. It could have taken the form of a complaint from a customer, employee or business partner. And it may have sounded like something trivial the first time it surfaced, only to expand in impact and create unforeseen challenges.

Whatever the case, particularly when red flags escalate into a full-blown crisis, hindsight always serves up important management insights and, occasionally, even some humble pie. In the best of cases, hard lessons are learned and leaders evolve. In the worst, people can get hurt, reputations can be damaged and profits can really get squeezed.

This is why it is important never to underestimate the value of the corporate compliance function.

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Making Sense of the Road Ahead

Posted on January 28, 2021 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Making sense of the road ahead

It would be an understatement to observe that the COVID-19 global pandemic forced multinational organisations and their leaders to adjust sails and navigate around a series of unprecedented business challenges.

We can only hope that the disruptive forces that forced difficult, long-lasting decisions about our business models, customer interactions and human resources over much of 2020 and likely well into 2021 soon flow into our collective memories and experience as once-in-a-lifetime events…

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Providing Opportunities for Next Generation Leaders

Posted on December 10, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Opportunities for next generation leaders

An old adage suggests that with every generation comes an intrinsic, experience-earned disdain for the next generation and reason to suspect its members’ qualifications and intentions, particularly in workplaces where office politics abound.

Perhaps driven in part by self-preservation and a desire not to be overtaken at work or in society by others lacking the same experience today’s global executive leaders have gained, this view is as outdated and off-mark as those whose biases and actions would perpetuate it…

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Allowing Yourself to See With New Perspective

Posted on September 8, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Seeing with new perspective

As global executive leaders, our work lives are filled with requests for guidance, support and answers to difficult business challenges.

Others know the experience and expertise we bring to the organisation. They respect our judgment, and they  appreciate encouragement and candid conversations. 

Colleagues and employees alike trust our views of the marketplaces we serve and the growth opportunities we see, and they value our insights, particularly in challenging times like these…

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A reckoning for companies and global leaders alike

Posted on July 2, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: A reckoning for companies and global leaders

Any global business leader could be easily forgiven for requiring a moment, perhaps even a day or more, to process all the ways the business world – and our own organisations and societies – have changed over the course of just the past three months.

No matter where you work, the impacts of COVID-19 and intensifying calls for social equality and justice have created new expectations of global corporations and international business leaders…

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Leadership culture for a new business awakening

Posted on June 15, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Leadership culture for a new business awakening

Our world has changed drastically, and more rapidly, than anyone could have imagined just a few short months ago.

As the awakening of new sensibilities about public health, employment, culture and the digitisation of human relationships continues, global business leaders must pay particular attention to how the expectations of those around you are shifting…

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Executive compensation and COVID-19

Posted on May 18, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Executive compensation and COVID-19

In the context of COVID-19, determining executive compensation is far more complex and important now than ever before.

Stephen Diotte from TRANSEARCH Canada partner The Bedford Consulting Group shares perspectives on the importance of preparing for 2021 compensation cycles now to ensure company survival through this crisis and beyond…

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Rising to the challenge in times of uncertainty

Posted on April 23, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Rising to the challenge in times of uncertainty

‘When people support each other they not only share the burden, they find inspiration in the actions of those around them.’

Concerns about the global spread of Coronavirus have taken centre stage in recent weeks. Today, in many unprecedented ways, countermeasures to slow its advance have disrupted the daily work routines for hundreds of millions.  

Left in its wake – aside from the illness itself – are the fears, uncertainties and ambiguity of how to cope. How to work remotely without getting distracted by the many competing interests? How to set priorities when everything seems like a priority? How to respond to the questions about the future for which, right now, there are few answers?

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Taking a stand when character matters most

Posted on April 16, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International
Article image: Taking a stand when character matters

There are times in one’s executive career when our reputations are shaped and our legacies forged for good in the hearts and minds of those we work with.

These may take the form of a dramatic workplace shift, the death or sudden illness of a colleague, or something central to ethical leadership. Whatever the form, these modern-day challenges for executives tend to raise heartbeats (and perhaps brows, too), lead to questions and uncertainty and almost always call on individuals to decide what matters most to those touched by the situation.

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Staying connected with TRANSEARCH during the COVID-19 crisis

Posted on March 20, 2020 by TRANSEARCH International

We would like to share TRANSEARCH International’s ongoing response and planning in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our business continuity plan takes the following overall principles into account: care and responsibility to TRANSEARCH team members, clients and candidates and the wider community. Our actions and decisions are based on our desire to safeguard those around us in our ongoing effort to make a positive impact on the wider COVID-19 crisis.

This is a deeply disturbing time. As the situation continues to evolve rapidly, our first concern is to keep our people, clients and candidates as safe as possible. As a multi-national organisation we are closely following local government announcements and will continue to update our contingency planning in line with official advice. We remain up and running and committed to providing the same level of service our clients and candidates are used to. Our teams are being advised to work from home as much as possible, where they continue to be fully operational with normal access to our phone and computer systems. In those jurisdictions where we are permitted to keep offices open, we will do so while adhering to all health and safety guidance.

Many of our clients and candidates are, understandably, very concerned about how these extraordinary developments will impact them in both the short and longer terms. We will be posting regular briefings on our website which you may find useful and of course your usual TRANSEARCH International team is on hand if you need support.

Business continuity plan

TRANSEARCH International maintains a practical business continuity plan as part of our everyday operations. We have established a management led coronavirus response team which  is closely monitoring the situation and reviewing our business continuity plan in the context of a rapidly changing health environment.

Across our office network we operate a flexible agile working policy which allows our teams to work remotely from any of our locations or from their homes. The robust nature of our IT infrastructure means we can scale this policy to accommodate entire teams working away from the office while maintaining the provision of services.

In any situation the safety of our staff and clients and candidates is our first priority and we will continue to test our contingency planning while the coronavirus outbreak remains an escalating situation.

Meetings and events

We are following local government plans and taking necessary and reasonable steps to protect our people and safeguard our clients and candidates as best we can while ensuring there is a minimum impact on the business.

In the case of any client meeting, if it can effectively happen using technology, this is our preferred approach. If a face to face meeting is deemed essential for business reasons, we will ask all clients and or candidates to confirm if they have been in contact with a person with coronavirus or are displaying symptoms themselves. If either of these circumstances apply, we will do our best to facilitate a meeting using video or conference calls.

We are reviewing our programme of events and have cancelled any that were scheduled to take place in our offices between February and end May. For events at external venues, we are working closely with co-hosts to decide whether or not the event will take place and following local government guidance relating to private gatherings. In the meantime, we are in regular communication with every venue to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to mitigate the risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Guests will be notified immediately if an event is cancelled.

Business travel

While the various local governments have issued advice against all non-essential travel globally, we do not feel it appropriate to issue specific guidance on this issue; it is hoped and strongly recommended that all of us will check and follow the government guidance issued in our country before travelling.

 On behalf of the TRANSEARCH Team, we hope you stay safe and well.