Is it time to reevaluate your career mapping strategy?

Posted on November 21, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Reevaluate your career strategy

When was the last time you had your car serviced? Six months… a year… two years? You’ve probably done it more recently than two years, because you want to make sure your car continues to operate reliably and get you where you need to go. Something similar could be said about your career management strategy. You can’t expect it to continue serving you well if you don’t take good care of it and change it when needed.

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Do’s and Don’ts for a Video Interview

Posted on September 19, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Do's and Don'ts for a video interview

Leading video conference tools (SKYPE, GoToMeeting and others) are becoming ubiquitous tools for recruiting.  You can make video and audio calls, exchange chat messages (using Skype’s software) on your computer and/or mobile device just over the internet. Many of the services are even available for free, or you can of course pay for added features. All of these tools use your computer’s webcam or an external web cam for quick video calls. More and more companies have begun using these tools recently. The do’s and don’ts list for a video interview is different from both in-person and phone interviews. Here’s a good start if you are prepping for a video interview.

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8 Tips for success in your executive job search

Posted on August 22, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Tips for success in your executive job search

Most people have never been taught how to conduct an executive job search unless they have had the insight to work with an executive career coach. Research shows that the average executive spends 4 years in a job — and has as many as 12-15 jobs over the course of a career.

You may thrive on variety and change in your career. But no one likes to linger in the “unknown’ too long when making a transition to a new job or career direction. Here are some tips to help you work towards finding a new executive job faster.

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The Global Expansion of Executive Search

Posted on August 15, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Global expansion of executive search

The global economic expansion post WWII led to tremendous growth in the retained search profession, beginning in North America and quickly moving to Europe, South Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia as business thrived, global markets opened, and the demand for executive leadership outpaced the ability for organizations to develop that talent in-house.

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Building a strong employer brand

Posted on July 11, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Building a strong employer brand

An employer’s brand has become a critical component of attracting and retaining top talent. Employers are updating their benefits to include perks like social gatherings to revamping severance pay packages in order to remain competitive and be viewed as an employer of choice. But what organizational components are necessary to build a strong employer brand? What factors should executives and boards be considering when trying to attract and retain executive talent? 

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How legacy businesses can take on the best of startup culture

Posted on June 27, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: How legacy business can take on startup culture

To thrive, organizations need to be nimble, innovative, and disruptive— not words often associated with large, established corporations. How do such legacy companies adapt, and what features of startup culture can (and should) large, established organizations appropriate, in order to adapt and stay competitive? AESC asked several experts how organizations need to adapt to survive, and thrive.

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What organizations need today and 2025

Posted on May 27, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Executive Talent 2025

AESC, the parent organization of BlueSteps recently released it’s latest report Executive Talent 2025. It includes insights from 2,000+ business leaders, candidates, and executive talent advisors on key business challenges for today and the next five years. Learn about the most critical issues revealed by business leaders to strengthen your talent strategy and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Below is a summary of its main findings.

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Want to build a positive workplace culture? Focus on meaningful relationships.

Posted on May 10, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Building a positive workplace culture

During the workweek, we may spend more time with our colleagues than we do our families. That’s a lot of time! Why not enjoy it? We know that our work life is a direct contributor to our overall happiness. What we might not realize is just how important our relationships are at work. Not just professional relationships but real, meaningful relationships built on support and trust.

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How five C-Suite roles are being reshaped by Business 4.0

Posted on April 18, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Business 4.0

Industry 4.0 has now given way to “Business 4.0,” the current global business environment generated by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Business 4.0 extends beyond the industrial sector to encompass all sectors, from financial and professional services to health care and consumer goods. So great is its influence, Business 4.0 is reshaping the roles that make up the executive ranks within organizations around the world.

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Has it been years since your last job search? How to organize and spend your time wisely.

Posted on February 20, 2019 by BlueSteps Career Services
Article image: Executive job searches - How to spend your time wisely

If it’s been longer than 5 years since you’ve dipped your toes in the job search waters, it’s important to understand that some key components of the job hunt have changed. As an Executive Resume Writer, I can attest that there’s more to it than refreshing your resume (even if you have your resume professionally written), making sure your LinkedIn is current (although that’s certainly an important part of it), and scouring online job boards.