Energy, Mining & Utilities

The TRANSEARCH International Energy, Mining & Utilities Practice Group focuses its efforts on working in a sector where the demand for technical expertise is global.

Companies in this sector have in common the challenges of global commodity cycles and a movement of talent away from resource industries to service oriented sectors. Many of our clients whether in oil, gas, mining and metal processing, pulp & paper, or chemical companies are urgently rethinking, reorganising and reengineering their businesses in order to surpass their competitors and attain more profitability. This has created a particular need for people with the skills and ability to work in these businesses.

The Practice specialises in all operational and strategic roles critical to our client's growth, including:

  • Mining & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utility Operations (gas, nuclear power or water)
  • Energy Trading
  • Service Companies

Our team consists of experienced, highly focused members with in-depth knowledge of industry sectors combined with their personal experience gained in prior positions in, or consulting to, Energy, Mining & Utilities companies.

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