Looking forward: Where the ever-changing CFO role stands

Posted on July 26, 2017 by BlueSteps Career Services
Where the Ever-Changing CFO Role Stands

The Chief Financial Officer role requires a strong candidate able to lead the charge. But the qualifications needed and the route to get there is ever-changing. BlueSteps Executive Career Services Advisor, Debbie Ellis, discusses the status of the CFO position and the attributes needed to obtain a CFO position.

Over the past couple of decades, the C-Suite has overall expanded, continuously growing to pinpoint and meet targeted needs of an organization. It is now more apparent than ever that strong leadership skills and a strategic, forward-thinking mindset are necessary attributes for an executive pushing an organization’s growth, often even more so than technical and functional expertise. As such, the C-Suite has seen several senior-level functional roles added into the elite Chief roster and established C-Suite roles have been forced to re-evaluate the roles and responsibilities vital to meet the current needs of the function.

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