Being mindful of your leadership default settings

Posted on June 22, 2017 by Thought Leadership
Article image: Being mindful of your leadership default settings

It is important to re-boot your thinking when starting a new leadership role and not fall into the “this is what we used to do at my old firm” default!

When you open your computer each morning, your email looks a certain way, your web browser makes it easy to get to your favorite web sites, and your desktop looks however you like to see it organised. This is because, somewhere along the line, you or one of your IT staff programmed these as the defaults you will come back to time and again, thereby making clever short-cuts a real time-saver in a busy global executive leader’s routine.

But much like the instructions plugged into our laptops and desktops, it is important for global leaders to recognise that past successes and failures alike could have the same effect on our own day-to-day leadership and management tendencies if we are not mindful of how habit and comfort can shape the path in front of us. These intellectual and behavioral “default settings” can be sources of exceptional performance yet also the catalysts of tremendous failure.

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