Ability To ‘Read Between The Lines’ Becoming A Critical Executive Skill

Posted on February 4, 2016 by TRANSEARCH Insights

Managing business today is more complex that it has ever been. The regulatory requirements are compounded by information overload, some relevant and others just data. This is aside from the barrage of social media, which whilst it keeps us connected, also acts to distract. This is a skill that the best managers have and one you should seek when hiring.

One of the little things that may make all the difference in terms of sorting the winners from the losers in today’s global business climate is an executive’s ability to ‘read between the lines’. That is, can the individual leader look at a checklist and see what’s not written on paper? Can they sort through a job candidate’s resume and interview to determine what’s not being said? And can the boss sort through mounds of data, risk analyses and competitive reports to see what’s missing?

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